Well Drilling / Onsen Drilling / Underground water survey

This construction process allowed underground water and hot spring to be drawn up from the well.
To survey the underground water, drilling is also required.
Our company also provide a rotary construction method and other budgets friendly hammer construction method (Down the hole hammer) for a shallow well to meet our clients need.
We support many of our clients and help them to gain access to an abundant underground water resource.
We also provided our clients with one-stop-service from the survey, planning, construction to after-maintenance in one place.

Underground water development consultant business.

We are providing a one-stop-service from the survey, planning to the after maintenance in order to help our clients gain access to underground water resources and hot spring.

Geological survey

Ground, soil, foundation, and underground water that cant be seen by the naked eye will be analyzed by using knowledge and theory-based from geology, geophysics, and soil mechanic to perform the ground surface survey, exploration geophysics​, boring, various measurement, and other tests.

Ground survey

Before constructing a building it is important to understand the characteristic of the ground surface by surveying to justify the strength of the surface before carrying out the construction.
We also provide civil engineering, construction survey, and ocean boring for our client's needs as well.

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Our goal is to become Japan No.1 company that contributes to helping to bring water resources and hot spring to customers


Greeting! I am Masaki, President of Arigasakusen Co.,ltd

I got asked by many about "Why the president of construction company come down and play in well-drilling business?" I guess that this is one of the questions get asked by many of us who are in construction-related business.

After I graduated from high school I then start working at Horomura construction company. I worked there as a civil engineer control, field overseer, and Niikappu branch manager for more than 22 years. At that time is in the middle economic bubble that the demand for the social infrastructure is on the rise, suddenly my work in the field greatly increases overnight.

After that, I left the company and established my own business using the experience I gained while working in my past career as a sub-contract for private and public-work projects. At the same time, I also plan ahead in the future looking for the possibilities in many business field start from civil engineering, architecture, renewable energy power generator, accommodation service, and real estate business but all of those businesses was already available in North-East region but then I noticing that the development of Hot spring for the foreign-invested resort that is on the rise is still lacking in Niseko area so I start to develop the water well at that time.

When I searching for the group of the construction business, real estate development in the Niseko area, and hot spring-related business that is required for resort development I was introduced to Arigasakusen Co.,ltd and continue to look over as a president since then.

Seiji Masaki and in the beginning of Drilling business management

At "Sakusen" even if it is the new field of work that we face the first time the core concept of management is still the same.
What is changed is the technical terms in the field, the methods of carrying out work these combined into technical prowess which I believed will surely support the company growth

Our company mainly focus on a private construction project but also have many performance records of hot spring and well drilling in eastern Hokkaido (about one-quarter of public work in the region)

After inheriting my position at Arigasakusen I started to listen to staff and observe the field while exchanging the opinion with clients, other companies in a similar business and sub-contractor to further make an improvement.

Seiji Masaki`s daily routine

Usually, I live in Niikappu near the sea which has the pacific ocean as a wallpaper, after work, and during the holiday I love to watch the sunset together with my wife and sometimes take the picture of wild birds that come nearby.

When I was in Australia and in the vast desert of Mongol I have a chance to rode a horse and kinda love it so I start to create the area around my house to be able to breed a horse. Even before I realize my self I got drawn into the charms of these animals already and start enjoying breeding and training them.

I also raised a small rabbit, goat, and eagle for my grandchild to enjoy and have fun with them. Each season I also enjoy BBQ with my family and local folks every now and then.

Effort in the improvement of the management

In order to carry out the task that entrusts from our clients smoothly and safely, we at Arigasakusen created the environment and good welfare for our employee and their families.

In the past, there is a famous quote that says ""He who controls the water conquer the world"" but in the present water resources become scarce.
From now we aimed to increase the order from our clients along with the stability of the management as a prime-contractor for public works project and after the maintenance of well drilling.
Not only for the water resources that we are putting our effort in but also for the underground heat generated renewable energy by always improving our human resources, develop a new method, and know-how.

We believe that we can grow our business further by tapping into unlimited energy underground.

All of us at Arigasakusen contribute to bring our client with water resources and support the hot spring business

We continue to improve our self to help to bring everyone who required water resource in Hokkaido. Our goal is to become "Japan No.1 company that contributes to helping to bring water resources and hot spring to customers"

Arigasakusen Co.,ltd CEO Seiji Masaki


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